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Watch Berita RTM Online Live Streaming – Experience the epitome of news coverage with Berita RTM Live, the trailblazing news channel in Malaysia that keeps viewers across the nation informed with timely and comprehensive updates. Developed by the esteemed Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM), this channel has solidified its position as the go-to source for reliable and in-depth information among the Malaysian populace. With a steadfast commitment to delivering both local and international news, Watch Berita RTM Live ensures that viewers remain well-versed in the latest happenings within and beyond the borders. One of the prominent pillars of Berita RTM Live lies in its extensive coverage.

The channel delves into a myriad of fields, spanning politics, economics, sports, entertainment, and more. By casting a wide net, viewers are provided with an immersive understanding of the ever-evolving landscape across diverse sectors. Furthermore, Berita RTM Live exemplifies impartiality by showcasing a range of perspectives and opinions, empowering viewers to cultivate an informed and discerning mindset on the topics at hand. Embracing cutting-edge technology, Berita RTM Live delivers news in real-time. Harnessing state-of-the-art networks and advanced infrastructure, the channel ensures that viewers are promptly updated with the latest information as events unfold. No longer will you lag behind in the ever-moving world; Berita RTM Live keeps you abreast of developments, empowering you to engage in meaningful discussions and make informed decisions.

Beyond its commitment to factual news coverage, Berita RTM Live also emphasizes human stories and societal issues. Through engaging feature pieces and in-depth reporting, the channel shines a spotlight on the triumphs, challenges, and aspirations of individuals and communities across Malaysia. By presenting a holistic view of the nation, Berita RTM Live fosters a deeper sense of unity and understanding among its viewers. In an era where information is readily accessible, Berita RTM Live ensures that its content is accessible as well. The channel can be accessed through various platforms, including television, websites, and mobile applications. Seamlessly adapting to the digital landscape, Berita RTM Live guarantees that viewers can stay connected and informed wherever they are, empowering them to engage with the news at their convenience.

The Created Legacy: The Epic Journey of RTM News

Berita RTM, also known as Buletin Utama, is a prominent news channel that has been a pride of broadcasting in Malaysia for decades. As an integral part of Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM), Buletin Utama plays a crucial role in delivering the latest news to the people of Live TV Malaysia.

The remarkable journey of Berita RTM began in 1969 when RTM launched Buletin Berita Utama as its first news program. The program was broadcasted in Malay language and provided up-to-date coverage of events and important issues in the country. Since then, Buletin Utama has continued to evolve with the addition of segments and improvements in news delivery. In 1978, Buletin Utama started airing live on RTM1, becoming the trusted primary source of news for the people of Malaysia.

With the advancement of technology, Berita RTM underwent a transformation in delivering news to the audience. From traditional radio and television broadcasting, Berita RTM stepped into the digital world with more interactive platforms. Through websites and social media, viewers can now access the latest news quickly and easily. RTM also launched a mobile application that allows users to watch live broadcasts and read news on their handheld devices. This demonstrates Berita RTM’s commitment to continuous innovation and adaptation to the trends of delivering up-to-date news.

Throughout its historical journey, Berita RTM has witnessed many significant events that have shaped Malaysia. It has provided in-depth coverage of political events, sports happenings, social issues, economics, and much more. Through its team of professional journalists and crew, Berita RTM strives to deliver accurate, transparent, and balanced news to the viewers. In a rapidly changing world, Berita RTM continues to play a vital role as a trusted news source, ensuring that the audience stays informed about both domestic and international events.

In the ever-evolving digital era, Berita RTM adapts swiftly. With the widespread use of social media and digital platforms, Berita RTM leverages the power of technology to build closer connections with its audience. Through digital channels, viewers can interact, provide feedback, and share their perspectives on the news presented. This provides an interactive experience and supports Berita RTM’s vision of remaining a trusted source of up-to-date news.

Featured Programs and Schedule of RTM News

RTM News is a leading news channel in Malaysia that provides specialized coverage of current events both domestically and internationally. Also known as Buletin Utama, RTM News has become a highly trusted news source for the Malaysian public by delivering timely and accurate information. The channel showcases featured programs that not only inform and educate but also entertain viewers with a variety of topics.

One of the flagship programs of RTM News is “Berita Utama” (Main News). This program serves as the heart of the news channel, delivering the latest news in a comprehensive and accurate format. With in-depth coverage and broad insights, “Berita Utama” ensures that viewers stay updated on political, economic, social, and other current issues. The program airs at specific times every day, providing viewers the opportunity to stay informed without missing important news.

In addition, RTM News offers other programs that provide in-depth insights into various aspects of life. For example, “Bicara Petang” (Evening Talk) is a talk show program that brings in expert speakers to discuss interesting and controversial topics. This program allows viewers to listen to diverse perspectives and opinions from various experts, providing a broader understanding of relevant issues. Furthermore, “Dunia Sukan” (Sports World) is a program that covers the developments in the world of sports, including match reviews, athlete interviews, and the latest news from the sports arena. This program is highly popular among sports fans as it provides comprehensive coverage of various sports such as football, badminton, hockey, and more.

Here is the schedule of RTM News to provide an overview of the airing time for the featured programs:

Table: RTM News Schedule

MondayBerita Utama8:00 PM
TuesdayDunia Sukan7:30 PM
WednesdayBicara Petang7:00 PM
ThursdayBerita Utama8:00 PM
FridayBerita Pagi7:00 AM
SaturdayBerita Utama Minggu8:00 PM
SundayDokumenter Minggu9:30 PM

With a regular schedule and diverse featured programs, RTM News ensures that viewers can easily access the latest information. This structured and planned news schedule provides an opportunity for viewers to stay informed about various significant events and issues taking place in Malaysia and around the world. With flagship programs such as “Berita Utama,” “Bicara Petang,” and “Dunia Sukan,” viewers can gain profound insights, sharp analysis, and comprehensive coverage on relevant topics in various fields.

In addition to the main programs, RTM News also presents special programs that are interesting and highly informative. For instance, “Dokumenter Minggu” (Sunday Documentary) is a program that showcases documentaries that delve deeper into events, figures, or phenomena that capture public attention. This program offers unique perspectives and invites viewers to better understand history and culture.

Access to RTM News programs has become easier with the advancement of digital technology. Through online platforms and mobile applications, viewers can watch live broadcasts, read the latest news, and rewatch their favorite programs anytime, anywhere. This provides greater flexibility for viewers to stay connected with current information without limitations of time and place.

As a leading news channel, RTM News remains committed to providing accurate, objective, and relevant news coverage to the Malaysian society. With high-quality flagship programs, a regular schedule, and easy access through digital platforms, RTM News serves as a highly trusted and essential source of information for viewers to stay updated on the latest news developments.

Program Type Description

Here is a table showcasing some of the flagship programs of Berita RTM Malaysia:

Berita UtamaNewsThe main news program that delivers the latest news and important reviews on politics, economy, social issues, and culture in Malaysia.
Bicara MalaysiaDiscussionA discussion program that addresses economic and social development issues in Malaysia. Provides a platform for experts and decision-makers to share views.
Muzik MuzikEntertainmentA music entertainment program featuring performances by Malaysian artists and music groups. Showcasing a variety of music genres to entertain the public.
Dokumenter MingguDocumentaryA documentary program that delves deeper into historical events, figures, or interesting phenomena in Malaysia. Provides in-depth insights and understanding.
Dunia SukanSportsA sports program that offers comprehensive coverage, analysis, and athlete interviews on sports events both domestically and internationally.

Through these programs, Berita RTM has played a role in providing relevant and beneficial information to the Malaysian society. With extensive and diverse coverage, Berita RTM ensures that various important issues and topics are well covered.

Additionally, Berita RTM serves as a platform to promote local talents and strengthen the cultural identity of Malaysia. Entertainment programs like Muzik Muzik provide opportunities for Malaysian artists and music groups to showcase their talents and inspire the public with their works.

In this digital era, access to Berita RTM has become easier through digital platforms. Viewers can watch programs through live streaming or catch up via mobile applications. This provides flexibility for the public to stay connected with the latest information without limitations of time and place.

With its important role in providing information, driving economic and social development, and promoting Malaysian culture, Berita RTM continues to be a trusted and respected news source among the Malaysian society. Through its flagship programs and easy access via digital platforms, Berita RTM consistently fulfills the information and entertainment needs of the public with dedication.


Berita RTM is a government-owned media channel in Malaysia that provides coverage of current news and reviews on the political, economic, and social situations in the country. Additionally, Berita RTM also presents news and reviews on various topics such as politics, economy, social issues, religion, and more. The channel also provides a platform to access previous reviews.

Berita RTM has played a significant role in Malaysian society. It has delivered up-to-date news and reviews on the political, economic, and social situations in the country. Furthermore, Berita RTM has also played a vital role in the economic and social development of Malaysia.

The channel ensures that the information provided is relevant and beneficial to the Malaysian community. Through its extensive coverage and flagship programs, Berita RTM ensures comprehensive coverage of various important issues and topics. Apart from delivering information, Berita RTM also promotes Malaysian culture and showcases local talents.

In this digital era, accessing Berita RTM has become easier through various digital platforms. Viewers can watch programs live or catch up through mobile applications. This provides flexibility for the community to stay connected with the latest news without being bound by time and location.

Berita RTM continues to be a reliable and respected news source for the Malaysian community. With its important role in delivering information, fostering economic and social development, and promoting Malaysian culture, Berita RTM consistently meets the information and entertainment needs of the public with dedication.