Watch RTM TV6

Watch RTM TV6 Online Live Streaming – TV6 is home to intriguing and entertaining reality shows that will keep you on the edge of your seat. From thrilling cooking competitions to engaging reality TV and entertaining variety shows, these programs grab your attention with their uniqueness and unexpected twists. Witness talented and passionate participants vying for the champion title and get inspired by their success stories. TV6’s reality programs not only entertain but also provide motivation and inspiration to viewers.┬áSports enthusiasts, rejoice! TV6 has you covered with its extensive live sports broadcasts.

From football and badminton to hockey and tennis, you can catch all the action and excitement of the latest matches right from the comfort of your living room. With high-quality broadcasts and engaging live coverage, Watch RTM TV6 ensures that sports fans get the ultimate viewing experience. Don’t miss out on the diverse and thrilling programs that TV6 has to offer. Tune in today and immerse yourself in a world of captivating entertainment that will keep you coming back for more. Get ready for an unforgettable journey with TV6, where entertainment knows no bounds.

History TV6

TV6 is the sixth government-owned television channel owned by Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM). TV6 is a channel that revives classic programs such as Malay classic dramas, retro musical entertainment, and retro entertainment that were previously broadcasted by Radio Televisyen Malaysia in the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, and 2010s, including documentaries. The channel began its trial broadcast on March 1, 2021, and extended its broadcasting hours to 20 hours from 6:00 AM to 2:00 AM starting September 1, 2021. TV1, TV2, TV6, TV Okey, Berita RTM, Sukan RTM, and radio stations are controlled by RTM, headquartered at Angkasapuri, Kuala Lumpur.

All classic programs such as classic Live TV Malaysia film excerpts, retro dramas, and retro entertainment that were previously broadcasted by Radio Televisyen Malaysia in the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, and 2010s are aired on TV6 as well as TV1 and TV2. This shows that Malaysia is capable of competing in television products like the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) One and BBC Two.

TV6 is currently broadcasted on channel 113 myFreeview in high-definition (HD) format.

The Uniqueness of TV6’s Advantages

Let’s explore some unique advantages you will experience when watching TV6:

Higher Picture Quality

When enjoying TV6, you will experience higher picture quality compared to other television channels. TV6 utilizes a more advanced streaming system, enabling more accurate signal transmission. With higher picture quality, your viewing experience will be enhanced.

Stylish Content

TV6 offers more stylish content compared to other TV channels. You will find programs and shows that are different from what you typically see on other channels. TV6 acquires programs and shows from abroad that are not available on other channels. This stylish content will undoubtedly provide you with a more captivating viewing experience.

Affordable Price

TV6 offers a more affordable price compared to other television channels. Additionally, various promotions such as discounts and special prices are available. This allows you to enjoy a quality television channel at a lower cost.

Extensive Database

TV6 has an extensive database for programs and shows. You can easily search for and watch your favorite programs. This database also assists you in discovering new content that you might enjoy.

Interactive Viewing Experience

TV6 provides a more interactive viewing experience. You can enjoy sharper images and various interactive features that are not available on other TV channels. This will make your viewing experience more engaging.

Special Content for Children

TV6 offers plenty of specialized content for children. There are various programs and shows, such as cartoons and movies, specifically designed for them. This will certainly help your children enjoy the provided programs and shows.

Multiple Broadcasting Options

TV6 offers a wide range of broadcasting options. You can watch programs and shows on various devices, including television, computers, smartphones, and more. This allows you to enjoy your favorite programs anytime, anywhere.

Other Advantages

In addition to the mentioned advantages, TV6 also offers many other benefits. The channel provides download and cloud storage services, allowing you to store and watch your preferred content without any limitations. This provides you with greater flexibility in enjoying your viewing experience.

It is clear that TV6 is a television channel that offers numerous advantages. With higher picture quality, stylish content, affordable pricing, an extensive database, interactive viewing experience, special content for children, multiple broadcasting options, and much more, TV6 promises a more captivating viewing experience. So, if you want to enjoy a more exciting viewing experience, don’t miss out on watching TV6.

The Unique Drawbacks of TV6

Let’s explore some unique drawbacks that are often discussed regarding TV6:

Excessive Advertisements

One of the frequently discussed drawbacks is the presence of too many advertisements. Viewers often complain about the excessive number of ads and their long durations between the broadcasted programs. This can disrupt the viewing experience and make viewers lose interest in watching the programs as a whole. As a paid television channel, viewers expect a smoother viewing experience without the interruption of too frequent ads. Therefore, TV6 needs to consider reducing the number of advertisements and scheduling them wisely to ensure that viewers remain entertained and engaged with the programs being aired.

Lack of Program Variety

Another notable drawback that needs attention is the lack of program variety offered by TV6. Although TV6 offers various program categories, viewers sometimes feel that the presented programs are not diverse enough. Certain program categories such as documentaries, educational programs, or cultural shows might not receive the attention they deserve. By expanding the range of program variety, TV6 can attract viewers from different backgrounds and fulfill diverse entertainment needs. Offering a wider selection of programs will provide viewers with more choices and maintain their interest.

To address these drawbacks, TV6 needs to continually innovate and adapt to the ever-changing trends and needs of the viewers. Listening to feedback and responses from viewers is a crucial step in improving the existing drawbacks. TV6 can enhance the viewing experience by reducing the number of advertisements, increasing program variety, and presenting content that is relevant to the viewers’ interests and preferences. By addressing these drawbacks, TV6 can enhance its image as a television channel that caters to entertainment needs and captures the interest of viewers in Malaysia.

TV6 Live Schedule and Featured Programs

One of the unique features of TV6 Live is its well-organized program schedule. Viewers can enjoy a variety of engaging programs throughout the day. From morning to night, TV6 Live presents entertaining, informative, and inspiring programs. Viewers can easily plan their viewing activities based on the predetermined schedule. From entertainment shows, dramas, films, news, sports, to documentaries, TV6 Live offers a diverse range of programs that cater to different viewers’ tastes.

The featured programs of TV6 Live are also a major attraction of this channel. By delivering fresh and high-quality content, TV6 Live attracts viewers from various backgrounds. Popular shows such as “Kisah Cinta,” which brings captivating romantic dramas, “Berita Malam,” providing the latest news updates, “Komedi Mania,” offering funny and intriguing entertainment, and “Sports Arena,” presenting thrilling sports matches, are some examples of featured programs showcased by TV6 Live.

With a wide range of captivating programs and a well-structured schedule, TV6 Live becomes the right choice for viewers seeking quality entertainment on their television screens. From fans of romantic dramas to sports enthusiasts, TV6 Live provides a satisfying viewing experience for all viewers. The organized program schedule and entertaining featured programs make TV6 Live one of the most popular television channels in Malaysia.

By referring to the TV6 Live schedule, viewers can select their favorite programs and plan their viewing time effectively. Offering the best entertainment across various categories, TV6 Live delivers a satisfying and enjoyable viewing experience. With high-quality programs and an appealing schedule, TV6 Live continues to innovate in providing the best entertainment to loyal viewers throughout Malaysia.


TV6 Live is a television channel that excels in providing an entertaining and diverse entertainment experience to viewers in Malaysia. With a well-organized program schedule and captivating flagship programs, TV6 Live is the perfect choice for those seeking quality entertainment on their television screens. In conclusion, TV6 Live has proven itself as a television channel committed to delivering satisfying and audience-appropriate entertainment. With a wide range of program categories offered, viewers can enjoy a variety of entertaining, informative, and inspiring content. By continuously innovating and considering the needs of the viewers, TV6 Live can maintain its position as one of the leading television channels in Malaysia.

By observing the success of TV6 Live in curating attractive program schedules and presenting high-quality flagship programs, it can be concluded that this channel is the right choice for viewers who want to enjoy a satisfying viewing experience. TV6 Live has successfully created a variety of programs that cater to the preferences of viewers from various backgrounds, thus meeting diverse entertainment needs. With a focus on program quality and providing an enjoyable viewing experience, TV6 Live has gained the trust and support of viewers throughout Malaysia. Through their dedication to consistently deliver engaging and relevant content, TV6 Live continues to be the top choice for viewers seeking quality entertainment in the television world.