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Sukan RTM Live – The movement control order may have halted the pace of grassroots sports, but the spirit of sports never dies! Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) continues to march forward with unwavering enthusiasm in supporting and promoting the world of sports in Malaysia. Even though we may be confined to playing at home, RTM is here to entertain you with a series of amazing and exhilarating sports events.

The Sukan RTM Campaign has become the voice of the Malaysian community, delivering extensive knowledge about various sports and encouraging everyone to get involved, especially in the midst of the pandemic that has swept our nation. RTM has tirelessly recorded a wide range of sports events taking place across the country, including traditional sports rich in cultural heritage, modern sports that push physical boundaries, and recreational sports that bring joy to all.

Whatever your sports interest may be, RTM has something to fulfill your desires. You can experience the brilliance of international badminton challenges, witness the speed and prowess of local football players, or be captivated by the skills of high jump athletes. RTM brings live sports action to your living room, providing an opportunity for everyone to immerse themselves in the pivotal moments beyond the field. The future of sports may be uncertain, but RTM stands at the forefront, ensuring that sports continue to remain an integral part of our lives. As long as sports exist, RTM will continue to deliver inspiring and entertaining coverage to all sports enthusiasts nationwide. Whether you’re a dedicated fan or new to the world of sports, RTM invites you to watch sports live and join the thriving sports community.

So, show your spirit, turn on your television, and get ready to witness sports in a new and exciting way! Tune in to RTM’s online live sports broadcast to experience the thrill, excitement, and inspiration that come with every sports moment. Together with RTM, let’s continue to support and celebrate the world of Malaysian sports with a spirited flair!

History Sukan RTM

Since its inception in the early 1980s, Sukan RTM Live has been a crucial milestone in the world of sports in Malaysia. It introduced live sports broadcasting to bring the thrill of sports into the homes of the people. Leveraging state-of-the-art broadcasting technology, RTM has been able to transmit sports events live from various locations across the country. Ever since, Sukan RTM Live has become a source of inspiration and pride for Malaysian viewers, promoting a wide range of sports and providing comprehensive coverage of emerging local athletes. Over the decades, Sukan RTM Live has evolved with technological advancements and can now be enjoyed through RTM’s digital platforms, offering an exciting sports experience and connecting viewers with pivotal moments in the world of Malaysian sports.

Sukan RTM Live has made history as a pioneer in sports broadcasting, providing entertainment, inspiration, and support to millions of viewers. In this journey, Sukan RTM Live continues to play a vital role in fostering the development of sports in the country and promoting young talents with potential. As a significant platform in the world of Malaysian sports, Sukan RTM Live consistently delivers extensive coverage and presents unforgettable moments of emotions and triumphs for sports enthusiasts nationwide.

Program Sukan RTM

RTM, Radio Televisyen Malaysia, has established itself as a delightful host for a wide array of sporting events, bringing immense joy to the people of Malaysia. As a prominent platform, it has provided opportunities for national athletes to showcase their remarkable talent, unwavering spirit, and exceptional skills on both local and international stages. RTM has successfully broadcasted various prestigious sports events, including the Olympic Games, Paralympic Games, National Games, People’s Games, and International Games.

Among the noteworthy events televised by Sukan RTM, the Malaysia National Games stands out as a spectacular showcase. This grand event encompasses an extensive range of sports disciplines, spanning from badminton, swimming, athletics, football, hockey, and beyond. Serving as a platform for the country’s finest athletes, the Malaysia National Games serves as a battleground where they strive for championships and bring honor to the nation. RTM ensures comprehensive live coverage and presents captivating highlights from each sporting spectacle, offering an enthralling viewing experience to audiences nationwide.

Furthermore, Sukan RTM actively embraces sporting events that celebrate both traditional and modern sports. One notable example is the People’s Games, which introduces Malaysians to the rich cultural heritage of traditional sports such as spinning tops (gasing), sepak raga, silat, and wau bulan (moon kite). This event provides a valuable opportunity for Malaysians to inherit their ancestral sporting traditions and nurture a sense of pride in their cultural roots. Additionally, Sukan RTM extends its coverage to modern sporting events like long-distance running, freestyle swimming, gymnastics, and many others. These contemporary sports events reflect the progressive development of sports in the modern era, acting as a competitive platform for athletes aspiring to achieve excellence.

With unwavering pride, Sukan RTM continues to present heartwarming and inspiring sports content throughout the nation. Through their live broadcasts, RTM enriches the lives of individuals, fostering a sense of unity and patriotism through the shared love for sports. Serving as a vital catalyst, RTM plays a crucial role in promoting sports, instilling a patriotic spirit, and unifying the nation through the electrifying power of sports.

Here is the schedule of Sukan RTM Events that have been broadcasted in the past:

No.Sports EventDate
1Malaysian National GamesJanuary 10-15
2People’s GamesFebruary 20-25
3International Sports EventApril 5-10
4Educational GamesMay 15-20
5Recreational GamesJuly 1-5
6Traditional Sports EventAugust 10-15
7Modern Sports EventSeptember 20-25
8Olympic GamesDecember 1-10

Note: This schedule is for reference only, and there may be changes in the dates and events to be broadcasted in the future.

Shortcomings Sukan STM

Sukan RTM has become a beloved entertainment choice among viewers of TV Malaysia Online. However, like any other entity, there are certain shortcomings that need to be acknowledged in Sukan RTM’s sports broadcasting. In this article, we will delve into some of the challenges that Sukan RTM may face.

One of the drawbacks that viewers may experience is the lack of variety in the sports coverage offered by Sukan RTM. While sports such as football, hockey, badminton, and boxing receive substantial coverage, some other sports that captivate audiences may not receive adequate airtime. Gymnastics, swimming, athletics, and tennis are examples of sports that may not receive sufficient coverage on Sukan RTM channels. This can be disappointing for viewers who are eager to witness these sporting events.

Additionally, technological limitations in broadcasting can be a disadvantage for Sukan RTM. Despite efforts to deliver live sports events, the ability to provide high-quality visual and audio experiences may still be limited. In this rapidly evolving digital era, viewers often expect a superior watching experience with high-resolution imagery, rapid information dissemination, and interactive coverage. If RTM fails to meet these expectations, viewers may seek alternative platforms to fulfill their desire for better sports coverage.

However, it is important to note that Sukan RTM continuously strives to improve their sports broadcasting and address these shortcomings. By expanding sports coverage, including sports that receive less attention, and enhancing the quality of broadcasting technology, RTM can meet the diverse needs of viewers. This will offer more choices and satisfaction to loyal Sukan RTM viewers.

Advantages Sukan RTM

Sports broadcasted by Sukan RTM have unique and captivating advantages. One of them is providing extensive sports education to the people of Malaysia. Through these broadcasts, Malaysians can learn about various different sports and understand the benefits and challenges associated with each sport. The televised sports events also provide opportunities for Malaysians to participate in and enjoy a wide range of sports offered in Malaysia.

Moreover, the sports broadcasts on Sukan RTM also offer opportunities for Malaysians to experience and enjoy diverse sports. This allows them to engage in sports from different countries and relish the diversity of sporting disciplines. The sports broadcasts also open up opportunities for Malaysians to watch and witness various international sporting events held around the world.

Thus, through these diverse and global sports broadcasts, Sukan RTM contributes significantly to expanding the sports knowledge of Malaysians. Not only that, Sukan RTM serves as a platform that enables Malaysians to embrace the spirit of unity and joy through their love for sports. By continuously expanding the variety of sports broadcasts and enriching the viewers’ experience, Sukan RTM plays a crucial role in shaping a generation that is well-informed, enthusiastic, and resilient in the world of sports.


The Sukan RTM campaign has brought tremendous benefits to the people of Malaysia by providing extensive access to sports education. Through this campaign, RTM has successfully promoted and encouraged participation in various sports, while granting Malaysians the opportunity to enjoy a diverse range of sports from around the world. With these efforts, RTM has opened the doors for Malaysians to witness and immerse themselves in a multitude of sports events across the nation.

Moreover, the Sukan RTM campaign plays a vital role in fostering a sporting spirit among the people of Malaysia. By providing extensive coverage and a wide array of sporting events, RTM has motivated viewers to actively engage in sports and adopt a healthy and active lifestyle. The campaign also serves as a platform for local sporting talents to showcase their abilities and inspire the younger generation to get involved in sports. Through these endeavors, RTM has successfully sparked interest and raised awareness about the importance of sports in the lives of Malaysians.

In conclusion, it can be deduced that the Sukan RTM campaign has made a significant contribution to the people of Malaysia. Through comprehensive sports education, widespread sports promotion, and the opportunity to watch sports from around the world, RTM has played a key role in developing a vibrant sporting culture in the country. With ongoing efforts, it is hoped that RTM will continue to bring benefits and excitement in the realm of sports to the people of Malaysia.