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History TV2

MechaTV2 or Radio Televisyen Malaysia 2 (RTM2) is a unique television channel owned by the government of Malaysia under the Ministry of Information Malaysia. The Malaysian TV broadcast of RTM2 has been airing since November 17, 1969, offering a variety of entertainment programs, films in Malay, English, Tamil, and Mandarin. RTM2 also broadcasts Spanish-language soap operas and telenovelas.

TV2, also known as RTM2, was relaunched alongside RTM1 with a new logo and slogan: TV2 – Your Family Channel, replacing the previous slogan, The Golden Channel. The launch took place on August 20, 2004, two weeks after the TV1 revamp by the Minister of Information Malaysia, Datuk Paduka Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir.

As a government broadcasting company, elements such as sex and violence are closely monitored. To compete with the growing private television channels, several new programs such as Playtime On 2, E-Shoppers, Whassup, and Elegance On 2 have been introduced through this channel. Additionally, the Chinese community is presented with programs like Dim Sum Hour, Gallery Phoenix, and Chopstick On 2. Although TV2 is more commercially oriented, it still plays a role in promoting high family values through its diverse programs.

On April 3, 2006, at 5:55 am, RTM2 began broadcasting 24 hours a day for the first time (later followed by RTM1 on August 21, 2012), with programs targeting viewers who stay awake during midnight hours.

TV1, TV2, and 32 RTM radio stations celebrated their 63rd Anniversary Bash in 2009.

Previously, TV Education was broadcast on Wednesday and Thursday mornings until evening on RTM2 (from 1972 to 1999).

RTM2 is broadcasted via Higher Frequency Wave, though some areas in Malaysia receive it through UHF. In the Klang Valley, it is transmitted from Menara Kuala Lumpur on VHF channel 8, with weak reception from Gunung Ulu Kali on VHF channel 10 in certain areas of the Klang Valley. Like most television channels, Watch RTM TV2 has also faced certain controversies. In 2007, viewers criticized RTM for their lack of seriousness in broadcasting Formula 1 races (only 7 out of 17 were aired live). As a result, the broadcasting rights were returned to private television channels.

TV2 can also be watched through Astro and MYTV on channel 102.

Benefits of Watching TV2

Watching TV2 provides various benefits to its viewers. The channel offers a diverse range of content that can be enjoyed by everyone. Additionally, TV2 broadcasts live sports events and news, allowing viewers to stay connected with the world and stay updated on current developments around them.

Here are some benefits of watching TV2 :

Diverse Content

TV2 offers a wide range of content, encompassing various types of programs to cater to the diverse interests of the audience. They provide educational programs that help enhance viewers’ knowledge and skills. Moreover, there are programs that offer insights into Malaysian culture, strengthening awareness and national identity.

Current News

TV2 presents live news broadcasts, providing access to customers to obtain up-to-date information about events taking place within and outside the country. By watching TV2 news, viewers can gain a broader and current understanding of politics, economy, social issues, and other important matters.

Sports Events

TV2 broadcasts sports events live, including major sporting competitions. This allows sports fans and interested viewers to witness the actions of top athletes and support their favorite teams. Watching sports events on TV2 provides an exhilarating experience and ignites enthusiasm while watching the matches.

Enhancing Culture and Awareness

TV2 offers programs that enrich viewers’ culture and awareness. By watching these programs, customers can gain a deeper understanding of Malaysia’s cultural heritage, unique traditions, and the ethnic richness present in Malaysian society. This helps expand their knowledge and understanding of the country’s identity and local community.

Through these various benefits, TV2 plays a vital role in providing entertainment, information, and education to customers in Malaysia. By delivering diverse content and engaging special programs, TV2 aims to fulfill the desires and interests of customers from various segments of society. As a renowned and respected channel, TV2 continues to be the top choice for viewers in Malaysia.

TV2 Schedule and Featured Programs

With a variety of genres offered, there is certainly something suitable for every interest and taste of the viewers. Here are some featured programs that you shouldn’t miss:

Drama SeriesDramaMonday-Friday, 21.00
Comedy ShowComedySaturday, 20.30
Reality ShowRealitySunday, 19.00
Culinary ProgramCulinaryThursday, 19.30
Talk ShowConversationWednesday, 20.00
Music ProgramMusicFriday, 19.00
DocumentaryDocumentaryTuesday, 21.30

Drama Series is a highly popular program on our TV. With engaging and emotionally charged stories, this drama series manages to capture the attention of viewers every night. If you’re looking for belly-laughing entertainment, the comedy show airing every Saturday will surely have you bursting into laughter. For those who enjoy reality, the reality show airing every Sunday will provide an entertaining and exciting experience.

For culinary enthusiasts, the culinary program on Thursday will satisfy your taste buds. You can discover various delicious recipes and cooking tips. If you want to listen to engaging conversations with celebrities and famous personalities, don’t miss the talk show that airs every Wednesday. Meanwhile, the music program on Friday will treat your ears to the best performances by musicians from various genres.

The Advantages of TV2

One of the main advantages of TV2 is the diversity of content it offers. From hilarious comedy shows to thrilling movies, TV2 provides a variety of content that can be enjoyed by everyone. This makes TV2 a special and popular television channel in Malaysia.

Furthermore, TV2 presents various special programs designed specifically for Malaysian viewers. They offer educational programs that help enhance the knowledge and skills of the audience. These programs also provide information about Malaysian culture, strengthening awareness and consciousness of our national identity and heritage. With that, TV2 viewers can stay connected with the world and obtain up-to-date information about events happening around them.

TV2 also offers a range of broadcasting packages, both paid and free. The paid packages provide more content and exclusive programs compared to the free packages, but customers need to pay a monthly fee to access that content. However, even the free TV2 package offers sufficient content to make it an attractive television channel for customers in Malaysia.

In their efforts to cater to various interests and needs of viewers, TV2 continues to innovate by providing engaging and high-quality content. With the advantages it offers, TV2 strives to be the top choice in the television entertainment industry in Malaysia.

Drawbacks of TV2

Despite offering many advantages to customers in Malaysia, there are several drawbacks to consider when it comes to TV2. The content provided on TV2 may not be suitable for everyone’s taste, and they may not have a wide variety of content available compared to other channels. Additionally, access to TV2 is only available in certain areas.

Furthermore, the subscription cost for TV2 may be quite expensive for some customers. Some paid packages can amount to hundreds of ringgit per month, which may be too costly for certain individuals. Although there are free packages available, they do not offer a substantial amount of content and may not be enticing enough for some customers.

TV2 may also not be accessible to everyone. To watch TV2, you need to have access to satellite or cable, which is available in most countries. You can also watch TV2 through streaming applications available on various devices such as televisions, laptops, and smartphones. Additionally, you can watch TV2 through streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and others.


TV2 is a highly favored television channel among customers in Malaysia. They offer a wide variety of interesting and high-quality content that can be enjoyed by everyone. Additionally, TV2 provides special programs for customers in Malaysia, including educational programs and information about local culture. TV2 also offers various packages, including both paid and free options. Despite some drawbacks such as high costs and limited access, TV2 remains a popular television channel in Malaysia.

With TV2, viewers can experience enjoyable watching moments and gain meaningful information and entertainment. For fans of comedy shows, dramas, reality programs, or music, TV2 caters to diverse interests and tastes. Special programs like educational shows also help enhance viewers’ knowledge and awareness.

However, it is important to remember that everyone’s preferences and needs vary. Therefore, it is crucial to choose a television channel that aligns with personal interests and requirements. TV2 continuously strives to improve itself and provide appealing content to its loyal customers.

So, if you are looking for a television channel that offers a wide range of quality content and engaging programs, TV2 is a choice worth considering. Connect your television to TV2 and enjoy an entertaining and meaningful viewing experience.