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Watch Bernama TV Online Live Streaming – Bernama TV Live delivers comprehensive coverage on a wide range of topics, including politics, economy, sports, entertainment, and more. With Bernama TV Live, you not only get access to national news but also a broader perspective on global events, ensuring you stay well-informed. One of the standout features of Bernama TV Live is its real-time news delivery. Harnessing cutting-edge technology and robust networks, the channel brings news to you as it unfolds, right before your eyes. Be it events in Malaysia or across the globe, Bernama TV Live captures and conveys them in real-time. This ensures that you have the most up-to-date information at your fingertips, keeping you ahead of the curve and in sync with the world around you.

But Bernama TV Live offers more than just live news. It presents a diverse range of informative and captivating programs designed to provide you with a deeper understanding of current issues. Exclusive interviews, thought-provoking debates, and enlightening documentaries offer unique insights and perspectives. Additionally, the channel features health, lifestyle, and cultural arts programs that cater to your diverse interests and needs. With this captivating blend of up-to-date news and engaging programs, Bernama TV Live has solidified its position as a vital source of information and the go-to choice for those seeking to stay abreast of news and developments.

Stay connected, stay informed with Bernama TV Live. With its real-time news delivery and an array of captivating programs, this esteemed news channel keeps you engaged, enlightened, and in tune with the world. Whether you’re seeking national or international news, Bernama TV Live is your trusted companion, delivering news and insights that matter, right when you need them. Tune in, stay informed, and be a part of the news narrative with Bernama TV Live.

History and Advantages of Bernama TV

Bernama TV, established in 2011, has undergone various significant changes since its inception. In 2017, the channel changed its name from Bernama News Channel to Bernama TV. This change aimed to expand the programs offered and provide more engaging content to their loyal viewers. The presence of Bernama TV has been well-received by the public and has garnered positive responses.

One of the main advantages of Bernama TV is its ability to provide up-to-date and prominent news to its viewers. Utilizing advanced technology and networks, the channel can deliver news in real-time to the audience. The latest news on politics, economy, sports, entertainment, and more can easily be accessed through Bernama TV. This allows viewers to stay informed about the latest developments within and outside the country. With extensive and in-depth coverage, Bernama TV ensures that its audience always has access to relevant and current information.

In addition to live news, Bernama TV offers a variety of interesting programs that provide diversity and satisfaction to the viewers. Exclusive programs such as interviews with renowned figures, debates on current issues, and documentaries that delve into important topics offer deeper and contextual insights to the audience. Furthermore, Bernama TV also features health, lifestyle, and cultural arts programs that cater to the diverse interests and needs of the viewers. Through the combination of up-to-date news and compelling programs, Bernama TV has successfully created an informative and entertaining viewing experience.

Moreover, Bernama TV plays a role in raising public awareness about social and community issues. They often engage in awareness campaigns and the dissemination of important information to the public. Through special coverage and dedicated programs, Bernama TV strives to actively contribute to fostering awareness and making a positive impact on Malaysian society.

In the increasingly advanced digital era, Bernama TV keeps up by providing easily accessible content through various digital platforms. Viewers can watch live broadcasts, video clips, and read news on the Bernama TV website and application. With this array of options, viewers can customize their viewing experience according to their preferences and needs.

Advantages and Disadvantages of TV Bernama Live

TV Bernama Malaysia is a leading news channel in Malaysia that provides extensive coverage of the latest news from within and outside the country. However, like any other television channel, TV Bernama Malaysia also has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s discuss them further.

Advantages of TV Bernama Live

Reliable News Source

One of the main advantages of TV Bernama Malaysia is its reputation as a reliable news source. They undergo a strict news verification process to ensure that the information delivered to the viewers is accurate and factual.

In-depth Coverage

TV Bernama Malaysia offers in-depth coverage on various topics, including politics, economy, sports, entertainment, and more. They provide comprehensive reports and in-depth analysis, allowing viewers to gain a comprehensive understanding of current events.

Easy Access

TV Bernama Malaysia can be accessed through cable television, satellite, and digital platforms such as websites and mobile applications. This makes it convenient for viewers to access the latest news anywhere and anytime.

Special Programs

TV Bernama Malaysia also offers special programs that discuss important issues in society. These programs provide in-depth insights and help viewers understand various perspectives on relevant topics.

International News: In addition to domestic coverage, TV Bernama Malaysia also pays attention to international news. They present the latest news from around the world, ensuring that viewers stay informed about important global developments.

Disadvantages of TV Bernama Live

Limited Broadcast Schedule

Like other television channels, TV Bernama Malaysia has a specific broadcasting schedule. This can be a disadvantage for viewers who have time constraints or are unable to watch live broadcasts. However, they also provide access through digital platforms to allow viewers to rewatch or access previously aired content.

Opinion Limitations

Although TV Bernama Malaysia provides extensive coverage of various topics, some viewers may desire more variety in the opinions presented. At times, news coverage tends to be more neutral, and alternative perspectives are not always strongly presented.

Errors and Inaccuracies

Despite TV Bernama Malaysia’s efforts to deliver accurate news, there is still a possibility of errors or inaccuracies in their coverage. This can affect viewers’ trust in the news source.

Limited Interactivity

TV Bernama Malaysia, as a traditional television channel, has limitations in terms of interactivity with viewers. Viewers can only observe and receive information without the ability to participate directly or provide immediate feedback.

In conclusion, TV Bernama Malaysia has advantages as a reliable news source with in-depth coverage and easy access. However, the channel also has its limitations, including a limited broadcast schedule, opinion constraints, potential errors, and limited interactivity. It is important for viewers to consider both aspects when choosing a news channel to follow.

Amazing Bernama TV Live Application

Introducing the incredible Bernama TV Live application! It not only offers engaging content but also provides various features that enhance the viewers’ watching experience. Let’s take a look at how unique the Bernama Mobile application is!

With the Bernama Mobile application, viewers can enjoy their favorite programs live on their mobile devices. Yes, that’s right! They can now watch the Bernama TV Live broadcast anywhere and anytime they want. How is this possible? It’s because this application allows viewers to connect with the world of Bernama TV Live right at their fingertips.

Not only that, the Bernama Mobile application also provides easy access to the latest news. Viewers can quickly and easily read the latest news from various categories such as politics, economy, sports, entertainment, and more through the Bernama website. The latest news from Malaysia and the international world can be accessed with just a few taps on their mobile devices. It’s incredibly convenient!

But that’s not all, the Bernama Mobile application also presents short and informative news video clips. In just a few minutes, viewers can get a brief and concise summary of the latest news without having to spend a lot of time. Now, there’s no need to worry about running out of time to get the latest information.

Another advantage of the Bernama Mobile application is its search feature, which makes it easy for viewers to find specific news or topics of interest. News articles, video clips, or specific programs can be easily found through this search function. So, viewers can personalize their watching experience by accessing the most relevant content based on their interests and needs.

Now, here’s what makes the Bernama Mobile application even more exciting! It provides a comment section where viewers can interact and share their views on the news being presented. So, viewers are not just passive observers but can actively participate in discussions and provide their perspectives on current issues. It’s truly a community platform that fosters interaction and exchange of thoughts.

So, what are the main advantages of the Bernama Mobile application?

  1. Watching Bernama TV Live programs directly on mobile devices.
  2. Easy access to the Bernama website for reading the latest news.
  3. Watching short news video clips for news summaries.
  4. Convenient search function for finding specific news and content.
  5. Comment section to interact with other viewers and provide views on the news presented.

With the Bernama Mobile application, viewers can experience the freedom and convenience of enjoying Bernama TV Live content. They are no longer bound by fixed television broadcasting schedules but can watch their favorite programs anywhere and anytime through their mobile devices. This ensures that viewers stay up-to-date with the latest news and get the information they need in a practical and efficient way.

Don’t worry about missing out on the latest news! The Bernama Mobile application also provides a useful notification feature. By enabling notifications, viewers can receive direct notifications about the latest news, special coverage, or specific programs that will be aired. So, no important news or exciting events will be missed anymore.

Not only functional, but the Bernama Mobile application is also designed with a user-friendly and intuitive interface. This makes it easy for viewers of various age backgrounds and technological expertise to access and navigate the application effortlessly. The attractive and organized layout also makes the watching experience more enjoyable and engaging.

Don’t forget, Bernama TV Live can also be accessed through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Now, viewers can connect with Bernama TV Live through their preferred platforms and get the latest information through news feeds or live posts. Being present on social media allows Bernama TV Live to interact with viewers directly, receive feedback, and build closer relationships with their viewer community.

To ensure the security and quality of content, Bernama TV Live is also committed to providing accurate and trustworthy news sources. They implement a rigorous news verification process to ensure that the information delivered to viewers is factual and not misleading. In the midst of the proliferation of fake news, the presence of Bernama TV Live as a reliable news channel is highly significant for society.

So, don’t miss the opportunity to download the Bernama Mobile application and experience an incredible watching experience! Get easy access to Bernama TV Live and enjoy the freedom of watching like never before. Install the Bernama Mobile application on your mobile device and bring Bernama TV Live right into your hands!


Bernama TV is not just an ordinary television station. It is the convergence of cutting-edge technology and bold news intelligence. With its affiliation to Bernama, the government-owned news agency of Live TV Malaysia, Bernama TV delivers government-verified information with high accuracy. If you are seeking high-quality and relevant news, Bernama TV is the right destination. They are not bound by cheap sensationalism or fake news. Every content is filtered through a rigorous verification process, providing viewers with the assurance that they receive the real facts.

However, Bernama TV does not stop there. They understand that viewers want more than just news. That is why they present a variety of programs and applications that offer a unique viewing experience. With Bernama TV, viewers are not merely passive recipients. They have the opportunity to engage in discussions through interactive applications and share their views on current issues. Bernama TV not only builds a news channel but also an active and open-minded community.

Another advantage of Bernama TV is technological innovation. They harness technological advancements to ensure that viewers can enjoy high-quality content anytime, anywhere. With just a few taps on your smartphone, you can connect to a profound and captivating news world. Undeniably, Bernama TV is a beacon in the Malaysian media landscape. With a progressive approach and continuous innovation, they have created an extraordinary viewing experience. Bernama TV dedicates itself to delivering authentic and engaging news while providing opportunities for viewers to be part of the news process.

So, let us welcome a new era in the realm of Malaysian news. Let us embrace Bernama TV as an innovator and a catalyst for change in this industry. With a progressive spirit and unwavering dedication, Bernama TV leads us to a better and smarter realm.