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Watch TV Alhijrah Online Live Streaming – Since its launch in 2009, TV AlHijrah has been at the forefront of Islamic television broadcasting in Malaysia, offering a diverse range of high-quality programs that cater to the needs of its viewers. At TV AlHijrah, our focus is on delivering enriching Islamic content that provides guidance, knowledge, and inspiration. With our 24/7 broadcasting, we ensure comprehensive coverage to meet the needs of our viewers, whenever they seek it. We offer a variety of special content and programs that bring tremendous benefits to our audience. Our motivation programs uplift spirits and provide guidance on positive thinking, empowering viewers to overcome life’s challenges. Our educational programs convey the teachings of Islam, instilling principles of righteous living in the hearts of our viewers.

Our news programs delve into current issues and discuss matters of significance to the Islamic faith. Our entertainment programs bring forth engaging and enjoyable shows that adhere to Islamic values. And our lecture programs offer insightful sermons by respected religious scholars, nurturing a deep understanding of Islam. TV AlHijrah is not just a television channel; it is a source of inspiration and wisdom. Through our unique and meaningful programs, we strive to strengthen religious beliefs, enhance knowledge of Islam, and provide motivation to the community. We serve as a medium that illuminates every corner of homes, spreading the light of Islam far and wide.

In this fast-paced and technologically advanced world, TV AlHijrah continues to be the preferred choice for those seeking quality information and inspiration in the realm of Islam. By presenting programs rooted in goodness and truth, we make a valuable contribution to shaping a society that firmly upholds Islamic values. TV AlHijrah, with its uniqueness and diverse content, remains a beacon of light and enlightenment in the lives of individuals. Embrace the enlightening experience with TV AlHijrah and let the radiance of Islam guide you on a profound journey of faith and knowledge.

History TV AlHijrah

The history of TV AlHijrah dates back to 2009 when the first Islamic television channel in Malaysia was launched by Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM). TV AlHijrah marked a significant milestone in the broadcasting of Islam-oriented television in the country.

With the introduction of TV AlHijrah, the Muslim community in Live TV Malaysia gained access to television programs specifically focused on Islam. The channel aimed to provide content that catered to the religious needs and interests of the viewers, offering a diverse range of programs related to Islamic teachings, religious guidance, and valuable lectures by religious scholars.

TV AlHijrah quickly became a prominent platform for disseminating Islamic knowledge and promoting Islamic values. It served as a source of inspiration, education, and entertainment for the viewers. The channel’s programming included religious lectures, sermons, discussions, educational shows, news programs, and entertainment content that aligned with Islamic principles.

Over the years, TV AlHijrah expanded its reach and audience, becoming a trusted source of information and a platform for religious discourse. The channel’s comprehensive coverage of Islamic topics and its commitment to delivering high-quality content played a crucial role in its popularity and acceptance among viewers.

As technology advanced, TV AlHijrah embraced digital platforms and introduced online streaming services, allowing viewers to access its programs through various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers. This move further broadened its audience and enabled people from different parts of the world to benefit from its content.

Today, TV AlHijrah continues to evolve and adapt to the changing media landscape, striving to meet the needs and expectations of its viewers. It remains dedicated to promoting Islamic values, providing religious guidance, and offering meaningful and educational programming to enhance the spiritual and intellectual growth of its audience.

TV AlHijrah’s history reflects its commitment to serving as a reliable source of Islamic knowledge, inspiration, and entertainment for viewers in Malaysia and beyond.

Advantages of Watching TV AlHijrah

Watching TV AlHijrah provides numerous valuable advantages to its viewers. One main advantage is that the programs related to Islam that are broadcasted on TV AlHijrah can enhance the viewers’ knowledge and understanding of religious teachings. Through programs such as religious lectures, speeches, and reminders, viewers can broaden their insights into Islam, its laws, and important spiritual values.

Furthermore, TV AlHijrah serves as a source of guidance and motivation for its viewers. Religious experts who appear in the programs on TV AlHijrah offer advice, guidance, and motivation for leading a good and meaningful life based on Islamic teachings. By listening to their advice, viewers can find inspiration and apply Islamic values in their daily lives, whether in their relationship with Allah SWT, with fellow human beings, or in fulfilling their social responsibilities.

Apart from the religious aspect, TV AlHijrah also offers entertaining programs that can entertain viewers. Shows such as dramas, comedies, and documentaries presented with Islamic values can provide beneficial entertainment for the audience. Entertainment aligned with Islamic values brings about positive pleasure and gives viewers the opportunity to relax, relieve stress, and create balance in their lives.

Here are some key advantages of watching TV AlHijrah:

  1. Better knowledge and understanding of religion: Through the religious programs broadcasted on TV AlHijrah, viewers can enhance their knowledge and understanding of Islam, its laws, and the values embedded within it.
  2. Guidance and motivation: With the presence of religious experts in TV AlHijrah programs, viewers are provided with guidance, advice, and motivation to lead a good and meaningful life based on Islamic teachings.
  3. Beneficial entertainment: The entertainment programs on TV AlHijrah offer wholesome and valuable entertainment. Viewers can enjoy entertaining content that contains positive messages, helping them unwind and create balance in their daily lives.

By watching TV AlHijrah, viewers can obtain spiritual benefits, religious education, and meaningful entertainment. Consequently, they can lead better lives, maintain a balance between the worldly and the hereafter, and strengthen their relationship with Allah SWT and fellow human beings.

Advantages of Watching TV AlHijrah Live

TV AlHijrah offers various unique and interesting advantages to its viewers. In this article, we will explore some of the benefits of watching TV AlHijrah Live, which provide meaningful and beneficial viewing experiences. Let’s continue.

  1. Unique and Diverse Programs TV AlHijrah presents unique and diverse programs. This means that viewers will have access to a wide range of religious content and programs. From lectures, reminders, and lectureships to art and religious documentaries, everything is delivered through TV AlHijrah Live. The diversity of these programs provides opportunities for viewers to expand their knowledge and understanding of Islam by selecting programs that suit their interests and needs.
  2. Special Programs for Children TV AlHijrah also offers special programs for children. These programs are specifically designed to help children learn about Islam in an interactive and enjoyable way. With these special programs, children can watch educational shows, Islamic animations, and interact with religious experts through programs dedicated to them. This is important in shaping their understanding and love for Islam from a young age.
  3. Exciting Programs TV AlHijrah features exciting and informative programs. Viewers can enjoy programs that provide interesting and beneficial information. From news programs, documentaries, dramas to other forms of entertainment, everything is presented with strong Islamic values. These programs not only provide deep understanding of the religion but also fulfill the entertainment needs of viewers by offering content that is interesting and beneficial.

These advantages make TV AlHijrah Live an attractive choice for viewers who want to gain a better understanding of Islam. By delivering relevant content, TV AlHijrah is able to meet the needs of viewers in deepening their religious knowledge and strengthening their faith.

How to Watch TV Alhijrah Live

To experience the uniqueness of watching fascinating programs on TV Alhijrah, there are several ways you can do it. Here are some practical and unique ways to watch TV Alhijrah Live:

Through Astro Channels

You can watch TV Alhijrah through Astro channels. Find channel 683 (Astro Prima), channel 684 (Astro Oasis), or channel 690 (Astro Ria) on your television. By subscribing to Astro, you can easily enjoy the live broadcasts of TV Alhijrah.

Using the RTM App

Download the RTM (Radio Televisyen Malaysia) app from the app store on your mobile device. This app allows you to watch TV Alhijrah live on your smartphone or tablet. Make sure you have a stable internet connection for the best viewing experience.

YouTube Channel

RTM provides an official YouTube channel to watch TV Alhijrah live. Search for the RTM YouTube channel and find TV Alhijrah easily. You can watch it through the YouTube app on your mobile device or using a web browser on your computer. Be sure to follow the official RTM channel to get the latest program updates.

By using one of the above methods, you can easily enjoy a variety of content broadcasts on TV Alhijrah. Don’t miss the opportunity to watch interesting programs that will enlighten, entertain, and enrich your knowledge about Islam.

Exciting Career Opportunities at TV AlHijrah

TV AlHijrah not only offers captivating programs but also provides unique career opportunities for individuals interested in the broadcasting industry and those related to Islam. In this article, we will explore some of the career prospects offered by TV AlHijrah and how working there can offer valuable experiences and opportunities to build a life based on Islamic teachings. Let’s dive in.

TV AlHijrah Presenter

TV AlHijrah requires presenters who possess in-depth knowledge of Islam. As a presenter, you will be responsible for delivering religious messages to the audience through programs aired on TV AlHijrah. This is an opportunity to share your knowledge of religion and influence the lives of millions of viewers.

News Ancho

As a news anchor at TV AlHijrah, you will be the voice of the community. You will be responsible for delivering up-to-date information with integrity and honesty. In this role, you will play a crucial part in disseminating accurate and beneficial Islamic news to the viewers. Proficiency in broadcasting and deep understanding of Islam are the qualifications required for this position.


TV AlHijrah also requires interpreters who can translate important content into a language understandable to the audience. As an interpreter, you will help ensure that religious messages conveyed through TV AlHijrah programs can reach a wide range of communities. Good language skills and a profound understanding of Islam are the qualifications needed for this role.

Radio Broadcaster

If you have an interest in the radio broadcasting field, TV AlHijrah also provides opportunities as a radio broadcaster. You will be the voice that delivers Islamic messages to the listeners. In this role, you will be responsible for presenting radio programs that are beneficial and inspiring, covering various topics related to Islam.


As a producer at TV AlHijrah, you will play a vital role in producing high-quality programs. You will be responsible for planning, organizing, and overseeing the production of programs aired on TV AlHijrah. Skills in project management, creativity, and a deep understanding of Islam will help you become a successful producer at TV AlHijrah.


TV AlHijrah plays a crucial role in providing content that focuses on Islam. Through its special programs, the channel offers significant benefits to its viewers. Viewers can enhance their knowledge and understanding of Islamic teachings through the religious programs broadcasted. Additionally, TV AlHijrah provides guidance and motivation through appearances by prominent religious scholars. These scholars offer valuable guidance and inspire viewers to lead their lives in accordance with the principles of Islam.

In addition to religious programs, TV AlHijrah also offers entertaining shows that maintain Islamic values. These programs provide balanced entertainment while upholding Islamic values. By watching TV AlHijrah, viewers can enjoy quality and beneficial content that contributes to their personal development.

Apart from the benefits for viewers, TV AlHijrah also offers attractive career opportunities. For those interested in the broadcasting industry and being involved in delivering Islamic messages, TV AlHijrah is an ideal place to pursue their careers. By joining TV AlHijrah, individuals can gain valuable and high-quality experience in the field related to Islam. Therefore, we encourage everyone to watch TV AlHijrah and reap the abundant benefits it offers.